Plastification of metals
electrostatic powder coating
Powder coating is high-quality process of surface protection of metals, that provides resistance to wearing-out and atmospheric influences.
Process of plastification itself consists of three following phases:

1. Preparation of metal elements
Preparation of metal surface, especially ones made of aluminium , is one of the most important operation in whole process of powder coating. The aim of the chemical preparation is to get one extra layer on metal surface which has double role, both excellent corrosion protection and excellent ground for powder. The preparation is proceeded in system which consists of seven prochrome tubs, dimensions 8000mm x 2000mm x 1000mm.

2. Spraying the powder color on metal surface
Air current, under the pressure, brings the powder to pulverization device which makes negative charge. Ones the powder fractions get to the metal surface, they are being captivated by electrostatic forces. Powder fragments are firmly attached to the metal surface so that separation is not possible during the transportation of metal elements.
The whole process takes place in special cabin which includes automatic transportation lines. They allow uninterrupred movement of metal elements with possibility for speed regulation.

3. Liquefaction of powder at high temperature.
Powder coated elements which are attached to the automatic lines are brought into the oven. The average temperature in oven is between 180 and 200 degrees, and the time of liquefaction is from 10 to 20 minutes, which depends on powder producer, material and its massiveness. The powder fractions are being dissolved on the whole surface so that homogeneous layer is finally made and hardens in the end. The oven dimensions are 9000mm x 2500mm x 3500mm.

Our firm has rich experience of over 12 years working in the field of powder coating which is the best quarantee of quality.
This process can be used in variety of industrial sectors due to rich offer of powder colors and the fact that it is a form of corrosion protection.
Powder coating is also considered to be one of the standards applied in the protection of environment, because the ingredients and additives which are harmful to the health and environment are not used in the process.
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