High quality service, our main objective, is achieved by implementation and continious improvement of Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of quality standard ISO 9001: 2015.

Vision of our bussiness is presented through the Quality Policy and following activities:

  • Implementation of measures to improve customer satisfaction
  • Constant modernization of equipment and stuff training
  • Commitment to clean technologies and eco-friendly materials in production process
  • Developing long-term partnerships with suppliers and service users
  • Management of risks and opportunities facing the organization
  • Care for employees and their active involvement in planning, implementation and evaluation of all activities related to provision of service.

Plans doo is family bussiness established in 1998 in Novi Sad with the aim of providing the service of surface treatment of metals by powder coating, which is most widely used in construction and metal industry.

Expertise of our team, grounded in years of experience, along with constant improvement of production process made us recognizable on market as a firm providing high quality service.